Victoria Bell

Hi there- I have been a stylist for over fifteen years.

I was lucky enough to start my career as a photography assistant in Auckland, NZ

Then I moved to NYC where I was an assistant to a couple of great Italian stylists, Sciascia Gambaccini and Monica Dolfini.

I was based at the newly opened American Marie Claire Magazine, after several years  we then moved as a team to Jane Magazine. I was blessed to also have the opportunity to freelance for different magazines such as Interview Magazine,  Italian Vogue and Details. Over my eight years in NYC I truly had a great experience, met some inspiring people and learnt a lot.

Back to NZ to raise my son and start my styling career here. During my time working in Auckland I have extended out from fashion styling to also include food propping, interior campaigns, still life, and art directing.

.I have worked on television commercials as well as print advertising, editorial commissions, fashion shows and books.